Your publication

From concept to publication


We review your document and provide advice on the structure and content that are best suited to your readership.


We use the information you give us to draft content for your document. We can prepare a draft by researching related material, developing text from your preparatory points or from our notes, when we meet with you or talk to you by phone.


We will develop a template for your document and apply styles to every element, including headings, bullet points, tables and figures. Your document will look good and be visually consistent and able to be published as a Word file or transferred quickly and accurately into design software such as InDesign.


We provide any or all levels of edit—substantive edit, copy edit and verification edit. If you engage us for a substantive edit we will look at structure, content, language and style. For a copy edit, we will look at consistency, clarity and grammatical correctness. For a verification edit, we will check that your document is complete, the required style has been followed and format and layout are consistent.


We will prepare an index that gives your readers quick access to important and related information in your document.


We will proofread your document before it goes to print or is uploaded to the internet. Our proofreading checklist will ensure that our proofread is comprehensive, thorough and complete.


We will work with your designated designer or commission a designer on your behalf. Our experience working with many designers over many years will ensure that your publication project proceeds smoothly and that your publication is of a consistently high standard at every stage of its development.


We will work with your designated printer or commission a printer on your behalf. We will check the printer’s proofs and, in association with the designer, do other pre-press checks.


We will work with your designated epublisher or commission an epublisher on your behalf. We will check the PDF and ensure that the HTML document is complete and in the correct order and that all links are correct and working. We will check that all accessibility requirements for e-documents have been met.

Finished product

This is where you can put your feet up and relax in the knowledge that your publication has been prepared and checked by professionals and is now complete.

who we are

WordsWorth Writing is a Canberra-based provider of publishing services. We were established in 1995.

what we do

We help our clients communicate clearly and effectively in print and on screen. We do this by providing writing, editing and indexing services and commissioning and managing design, print and epublishing services.

We work closely with our clients on their projects to deliver the ideal mix of services for each project.

Who we do it for

We work for government agencies, large and small. We also provide specialist services to organisations in the private sector.

Get in Touch

PO Box 4882 Kingston ACT 2604 Australia


t: +61 2 6232 7511

f: +61 2 6295 2289


Our clients

  • Aboriginal Hostels Ltd
  • Airservices Australia
  • Australian National Audit Office
  • Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Clean Energy Regulator
  • Department of Industry
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation
  • Torres Strait Regional Authority

Accreditations and professional memberships

WordsWorth Writing’s editors are members of their state or territory editing societies and have been accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors. WordsWorth Writing’s indexers are members of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers.